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Yale Online plays a critical role in the variety of online learning initiatives taking place on and off campus. 


The University-wide Online Education Committee outlined this pathway for the next phase of Yale’s online educational efforts. We do not see one model for Yale. Online initiatives in the years ahead will vary markedly from school to school at Yale depending on the interests of the faculty, but the general trajectory can reflect the full range of the University’s educational programs (from the humanities to the sciences and from the arts to the other professional schools), especially as some other universities are concentrating their online efforts particularly on quantitative and vocational topics. 


There are numerous, successful online education initiatives already underway at Yale. 

The two overarching goals for online educational initiatives are to:

  1. experiment with new pedagogy that can improve teaching and learning for students at Yale as well as new students who will be admitted to online educational programs; and
  2. continue to amplify the impact of great Yale teaching beyond the campus.

Online education connects with one of the University’s primary missions: the dissemination of knowledge. The online landscape provides unprecedented avenues for faculty to imagine new ways to transmit their teaching and share it with the world.

With teaching and learning at Yale as the touchstone for the development of online initiatives, distance education projects will take many forms. Some will be oriented for free for the general public; such broad dissemination is an extension of the public service tradition of the University, and in the Internet era it has powerful potential to inform individuals around the world about Yale’s emphasis on teaching. Others will be smaller and more formal that grow organically from the educational aspirations of a school or faculty member, that engage students more intensively, and that involve credit or a certificate; this has already been the shape of the initiatives of Yale College and of the Schools of Nursing, Forestry & Environmental Studies, and Management. 

We hope this website offers insights into current Yale projects and ideas for faculty and students who want to pursue future projects.

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