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Yale Online Newsletter / Issue Three / January 2023 

Happy New Year from Yale Online! In 2023, you can unlock your full potential and explore your passions with online offerings from Yale. Scroll to find our latest courses and programs. 

Happiness? Connected Leadership? You can have it all. 

Dr. Laurie Santos has reached millions of global learners with her course "The Science of Well-Being," and we're inviting YOU to join us in her latest version that’s dedicated to teens. With 37% of teens reporting poor mental health, it’s more important than ever to help teens feel less stressed, thrive, and ultimately become happier. 

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Learn how to get the most out of life with the Connected Leadership course. Peter Boyd has taught Yale graduate students and coached senior leaders across industry sectors on how to achieve goal clarity and intentional use of time across their professional and personal lives. He now shares these tools so you can create your own path to maximum positive impact in your life and in the world. The Connected Leadership course is designed to help you confirm your Purpose, clarify your Priorities, visualize your Potential, and hold you and others accountable for more Progress than you thought possible.

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Dive Into a New Field of Economics

Narrative Economics is the study of economic change due to changes in the way people think. The vast majority of people change the way they think because of changing narratives, tellable stories with morals, not by looking at data, equations, or diagrams. Most economists don’t study this but it is all but assured that mass changes in thinking patterns are driven by narratives that “go viral” and become part of the public consciousness. Professor Shiller, proposes studying these narratives — stories — is the most important thing we can do now to improve economic forecasts, inform major economic decisions and understand economic events.

Course will be available on Coursera in February 2023. Watch trailer here.


New Initiative at the Yale School of Nursing 

YSN announces the launch of its first-ever online master of science in nursing course of study: a three-year, part-time Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program for RN-prepared nurses. Applications for the inaugural Summer 2023 cohort are now open.

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